Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I pick up cherries?

    Office hours are 7 am - 7 pm, Monday - Friday. Call ahead for Saturday pick-up.

  2. Can I place an order ahead of time?

    No, we don't accept pre-orders. There is no need to call ahead unless you need to check whether or not cherries without sugar are available.

  3. When is Fruithill open?

    Off season (approximately September-May): Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm.
    Processing season: (approx. June-September): Monday-Saturday, 7am-6pm.

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  4. What is the price for each type of fruit?

    See Sales & Purchasing for current prices and availability.

  5. How are cherries packed?

    Pie Cherries come de-stemmed, washed, sorted, pitted, packed and frozen in 4 gallon pails. The pails contain 25 pounds of cherries with a 5 pound sugar cap.

    Fruithill cares about food safety, so the cherries you purchase are washed, sorted, sanitized with a chlorine spray, rinsed with fresh water, passed through a metal detection system after pitting, and frozen. A sample has to been sent to a certified lab for micro-analysis testing prior to releasing the product to consumers. Our cherries are grown and packed in Oregon, USA. Our product is non-pasteurized and was initially packed for manufacturing use only. Fruitful is Kosher and Global GAP certified.

    You may wonder about FRESH cherries for sale. Fruithill no longer sells fresh cherries due to food safety regulations. Microbial testing is done on finished products and they are released for sale following favorable results. Thank you for supporting this change and helping us produce "Quality Fruit for Generations".

    All products are only available in specified quantities. Our production system doesn't allow us to provide products in other quantities.

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  7. Can I get cherries without sugar?

    Yes, pails are available without sugar on a limited, first-come first-serve basis.

    A pail of cherries costs the same with or without sugar.

  8. Why would I want sugar?

    The sugar cap helps keep the cherries from turning brown (oxidizing). If you want them for baking or enjoying fresh, we suggest getting them with sugar. The sugar dissolves into the juice and helps keep the fruit looking and tasting wonderful. Simply add a little more thickening agent to your recipe to compensate. For jam or jelly we suggest cherries without sugar (unless you are experienced with measuring out the ratio) because these recipes tend to be very specific in the amount of sugar or sweetener.

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  10. How many pies does a pail of cherries make?

    Anywhere from 5-8 depending on how big you like your pies!

  11. How should cherries be stored?

    Freezer storage is recommended if you don't use them immediately. Pails should be stored or frozen standing upright. Sugar and juice may leak out under the lid if stored on a side or upside down.

    To freeze cherries, first mix the pail contents by firmly securing the lid and briefly inverting the entire pail. This distributes the sugar throughout the fruit. Next, drain off juice (as desired) and place fruit in plastic freezer bags. Lay the bags flat in the freezer. Enjoy them all year long. The recommended shelf life is 2 (two) years from the production date.

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  13. What types of fruit are available?

    See Sales & Purchasing for availability and prices.

  14. How is the fruit processed?

    Fruit is processed in a variety of ways. All fruit is cleaned, sorted and pitted. Styles include:

    • Red Tart Cherries: 5+1, straight-pack, punch-pitted, Elliott-pitted, & IQF*.
    • Dark Sweet Cherries: Fresh (field picked), Elliott-pitted, & IQF*.
    • Italian Purple Plums: Pitted & halved, 3/8" diced, IQF* halves.
    • Apricots: Elliott-pitted, puree (by special order).
    • *Individual quick freeze

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  16. Can I hand pick fruit in the orchard?

    No, there is no "u-pick" in Fruithill's orchards. We sell fresh fruit at local farmers markets and our fruit is available in some local fruit stands. Call us for more information or check the Home page for seasonal information.

  17. Does Fruithill ship fruit to customers?

    For the general customer buying individual pails we do not offer shipping. All fruit must be purchased and picked up from our processing plant in Yamhill. If you are a business customer with a larger order please contact us regarding shipping.

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  19. Does Fruithill sell organic fruit?

    We do not grow or process organic fruit at this time.